PLEASE LOOK FOR CURRENT BOLDED YEAR FOR NEW DATES EACH SCHOOL YEAR (old info will be replaced periodically, and non-current dates will not be bolded).

The New London Nursing and Rehab Center is needing volunteers and is a perfect opportunity for Silver Cord hours. Possible activities might be manicures for the residents, craft classes, seasonal decorating, Halloween Haunted House, fall soup supper, playing games, reading stories, and sitting outside with residents, to name a few. If interested, please call Kathy Mahoney at 367-5753.

Silver Service Opportunity in 2013-14: Volunteers are needed at the Danville Care Center, located at 401 S. Birch, to play games, sit with residents, etc. If interested, please call Mel Llanos at 319-392-4259.

IA National Guard Youth and Teen Program services for dependents of National Guard members, including resource & referrals in mental health services, academic support, college financial aid planning, and child care; school progams upon request; information guides; youth and teen program websites; and curriculum developed to deal with separation issues, plus many more worthwhile programs. For more info, contact Jeremy Van Wyk at 800-294-6607 ext. 4040 or 515-252-4040 and jeremy.vanwyk@us.army.mil .

Juniors Taking PSAT/NMSQT: If a student taking PSAT/NMSQT advances to the National Merit Scholarship Program, they will automatically be entered into the PPG Industries Foundation Community Scholarship Program and will be contacted to fill out the application.

Distance Ed at U of IA and Ed to Go (ed2go) have partnered to offer a wide range of interactive courses over the internet to include an overview of the things needed to know about the general makeup of the ACT and SAT and test preparation courses: Browse the catalog at http://www.ed2go.com/iowa/ to find out about these and other courses.

March 2 Success (www.march2success.com) is an online test preparation, self-paced course which can improve your performance on standardized tests by improving math, science, and English skills.

Great River Medical Center in Burlington offers Health-care Careers Workshops on 10/3/13, 12/5/13 ,& 5/1/14 from 12:00 to 3:00 in the Walnut Room. To register, please call 319-768-4070 or for questions, call 319-768-4006.

Boys State, sponsored by The American Legion, and Girls State sponsored by The American Legion Auxilliary: For more information about criteria for attendance, please contact the local Legion or Auxilliary and/or www.boysandgirlsstate.org

Grandview College Nursing Action Day visits--10/4/13, 11/1/13--Art, 1/20/14--Winter Visit, 4/4/14--Soph/Jr Visit, and 6/13/14--Summer Visit: www.admissions.grandview.edu or 800-444-6083 ext 2810.

Career Discovery Days for 2012-13 @ DMACC: Adv Manufacturing = 11/13/12; Engineering = 4/2/13; Healthcare = 4/9/13; Education = 4/17/13

Iowa Central Community College Days Jam the Gym is 2/1/14 admission free. Stuff-The-Stands is 11/2/14. Junior Visit Day is 4/23/14 and Career Visit Day is 11/14/14.

Graceland University Visit Days are 1/31/14, 2/15/14, 3/7/14, 4/5/14 & 4/18/14
Upper Iowa University Visit Days are 2/17/14 & 4/5/14

The country is in need of aircraft maintenance personnel. Indian Hills Community College has an aviation department which can help train students to fill jobs in the demand areas.

TGIF at Kirkwood CC on 10/11, 18, 22, or 10/25 & 26/13; 11/2,9, 16, 11/1, 8, 15, 16 19, 11/22/13; 12/6 & 7, 1/31/13; 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/22/14; 3/7, 3/8, 3/14 ,3/25, 3/28/14; or 4/4, 4/5, 11, 4/25/13 , 5/2/14 www.kirkwood.edu/TGIF

Ellsworth CC Panther Preview Days for 2013-2014: 10/4, 11/8, 12/6, 1/24, 2/21, 3/28, and 4/11.

Simpson College Visit Days: 9/21, 10/12 and 11/8/13. Also...Junior Visit Day is April 4, 2014.

University of Dubuque Preview Days: 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/7/13 and 1/20, 2/1 3/1/14

Central College Visit Days: 9/20/13, 10/14/13 and 11/11/13 www.central.edu/admission Fall overnighter is 11/15/13 to 11/16/13. Spring Visit Day is 4/11/14. Please register online at www.central.edu.

March 27, 2014--Washington High School Career Fair with 60 representatives from colleges and other organizations. Please RSVP @ 319-653-4245 or jdalrymp@washington.k12.ia.uAp__--SCC__ Day with demonstrations by Career Ed students and Faculty, campus tours, student panet, and free lunch. See counselor for sign-up cards.

April 9, 2014 is the last Sneak Peel of the year at SCC. Please see the counselor for sign-up cards. Contact Barb Carroll at 319-208-5019 or bcarroll@scciowa.edu for more info.

Indian Hills Community College Warrior Wednesdays visit days: 10/2/13, 10/30/13 11/6/14, 11/20/13, 12/11/13, 1/29/14, 2/12/14, 2/26/14, 4/2/14, 5/7/14, 6/18/14 and 7/16/14.

Silver Service Opportunity: Be a volunteer hospice member at local home, assisted living centers or nursing homes. Please contact Diana Spranger @ 319-362-2500 or 563-370-7682. Also email at diana.spranger@hospicecom.com .

September Deadlines

9/25/13 is Sneak Peek at SCC. See counselor for details and registration cards.

9/29/13 is Golden Circle College Fair @ IA Event Center-HyVee Hall--12:30-3:00

October Deadlines

Oct. 4, 2013 Deadline: Interested in government and/or politics? Apply to become a legislative page for the 2014 Legislative Session. Packets are in the counselor's office.

Oct. 4, 2013 Deadline for $5,000 scholarship possibility and chance to attend Washington DC conference for the US Senate Youth Program. Applications to Great Prairie AEA to the attention of Shannon Johnson, 3601 W. Ave Road, Burlington, 52601. See counselor for paper application. Juniors and seniors are eligible to become delegates and be eligible for trip and scholarship. Student must be a class officer, or student council representative. Questions: contact Shannon.Johnson@gpaea.k12.ia.us .

10/15/2013: College Rep Day at SCC (please use the college visit form for student absence); please see the counselor for details on building, time, and map of the college. 55 reps will be at SCC from 4 states. Please let the counselor know if you and/or your parents will attend. She will email/call the college coordinator.

10/21/13: UNI visit day for College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences. Go to UNI.EDU/ADMISSIONS/VISIT.

Oct. 18, 2013: Career Day at SCC--please see counselor for booklets and application cards.

November Deadlines

11/1/13 is the Art Action Day at Grand View University from 9:30-2:30. Workshops available, Q & A session, campus tour and lunch. Please register at www.admissions.grandview.edu or call 515-263-2810.

November 12, 2013 Deadline to fill out an online application for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for high school students to receive recognition for community service activities. Once the form is completed online, print it out, sign it, and submit to Mr. Kracht for possible nomination with a maximum reward of a trip to Washington DC and a minimum of a certificate of merit or achievement. Please go to http://spirit.prudential.com

December Deadlines

January Deadlines

February Deadlines

3/6/14 is the Fine Arts Day at SCC by invitation.

March Deadlines

3/3/14 is the deadline for the Access Energy Coop sponsored Youth Tour trip to Washington D.C application. The trip is June 12-20, 2011. The interview date is 3/15/11. Applications are in the counselor's outer office.

3/26/14 is the date for Seeing Careers during SCC Campus Days. Please see counselor for a card to send into SCC with session choices.

3/31/12 Deadline is the application for the Hoover Uncommon Student Award Application which may lead to a scholarship. The student must think up and write a project proposal and enlist volunteers to help in accomplishing the project goal. The students fashion their project after President Herbert Hoover's accomplishments as a humanitarian. Finalists will present their projects in the fall of their senior year and receive a $1,000 scholarship and a chance at $5,000 if chosen as one of the top three. Finalists are also required to spend a weekend in West Branch from June 11-12, 2011 and present on October 22,2011. www.hooverassociation.org is the online information address and download site for the application.

April Deadlines

4/1/14 Application deadline for Great River Health System's Junior Volunteen program for the summer. Applications are online at www.greatrivermedical.org .

4/9/14 is the SCC Sneak Peek Day to visit campus, observe a college class, and eat a free lunch. Details will be mailed to the student after sending a card to SCC with the choice of a class to visit. Please see the counselor for the card to send in.

May Deadlines

May 3, 2013 Deadline for Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship: Eligibility requires only students who have participated in IA Sports Foundation events (Summer & Winter IA Games, Net Fest, Hoopin' at The Dome) to apply. Volunteer work, athletic accomplishments, academic achievements, Junior class status and an essay are essential. Please see the counselor for the application or check in the outer guidance office.

May 26, 2014 is the date for Seeing Careers during SCC Campus Days. Please see counselor for a card to send into SCC with session choices. Due date for the postmark is 3/21/14.

5/30/14 is the deadline for registration materials to the county for participation in the State 4-H Youth Conference on the ISU campus in Ames for students who have completed 8th thru 12th grades. There is a fee which covers housing, meals, and program costs. The dates of the conference are June 24-26. More info can be obtained at your local County Extension office or http://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/iowa4hyouthconference. The Counselor has a few brochures with info.

June Deadlines